Thomas 'The Cemetary' McKael

Faithful murderer of the flock


McKael is a Roman Catholic to the core of his very being. Every night since he was a little lad he counted his sins on his arms and whispered his hail Marys for every small sin he committed. His parents made sure of it, with food as a bribe and leather as a weapon. They were IRA back when that meant something, and god stood above country as they lost the battle, and fled to the United States. Old ways followed them, though, the boy had a gun in his hand every moment he didn’t have a bible, the back woods of the south the perfect place to train a little soldier.

Like all soldiers, they needed an outfit. Other former members of their cause had started a biker gang in the states to live free, and despite not being members, they forced their son in. War came often, and the boy killed even more often. He grew tough as nails, but never stopped counting his sins and muttering his Hail Mary’s. But they became not enough, he started to tattoo a cross for each kill on his skin, and soon he earned the name he carries to this day. The Graveyard.


Of course, the modern age doesn’t allow for wild soldiers anymore. They were hunted and they were imprisoned or killed. Eventually a grown Thomas of a ripe age of 35 became the last standing of that gang, nothing but a bike and a pistol as he laid low in the southern states, a crisis of faith and of identity. God wanted him to be a soldier, to push for the freedom of Ireland and to help those he could call countrymen. Or did he?

Drunk most the days of his life from that point on, he came to New Orleans to drown himself in drink until he expire near some of the oldest Catholic chapels they had in the states. His parents would never forgive him if he was not buried Catholic.

But on his quest for self-destruction, he saw him. Shining like a beacon, a young child with the last name of a Carpenter, and the anger reflecting the screaming rage of god after his son had been accosted. What if this really was the second coming? This boy could pardon all of his sins, and god would want him alive. After seeing Chris get into a fist fight, he strangled the hillbilly who had started it to death right infront of who he thought was Jesus, and the connection between protector and prophet had been struck.


The sealing of the deal was the drinking of Vitae, the blood of demons the son of god kept sealed by the taking of the burden of their evil blood. It gave him power, and he grew more and more thankful to the band of demons who drained themselves into goblets for them both. They kept Jesus alive, just like him, they had to be repenting to god for what they had become.

This is where it leaves him. Thomas McKeal is the bodyguard of Swamp Sacraments, and known just as much as the band, a cult following online of him roughing up those who got too handsy or too close

Thomas 'The Cemetary' McKael

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