Peter Lebeaux

Homicide detective turned Tremere Warlock


Lebeaux is short but well-built man, nearly stocky, with a square jaw line and a full but well-maintained mustache. His voice carries the firm and commanding tone of a law enforcement officer. His gray eyes are alert, methodical, and stubborn, doggedly pursuing any detail cocky enough to think it can slip past his notice. He is rarely seen wearing anything but a gray trench coat over muted slacks, a white shirt, and dark tie. A cigarette looks like it should belong dangling from his lips.

Accounts from the Crescent City

“It is hard to find fault in a man who believes so strongly in the truth of justice. Perhaps the only unkind word I could muster for Mr. Lebeaux would be naiveté. But it is ever the providence of the foolish and the naive to challenge and change.”
George Smith

“You’ll thank me later for this one, kid. Trust me on that.”
—Peter Lebeaux to Lavine’s almost-victim upon her arrest

“Man Jesus and all the white loa. I’m sorry, Pete. I should’ve been square with you. I’m so very, sorry.”
Louis Fontaine


Lebeaux shoulders a remarkable number of responsibilities and ambitions for so young a vampire. The NOPD homicide detective has experienced the Requiem for less than a decade. A childe of Erwin Bornemann, Lebeaux is a faithful servant of Antoine Savoy and true believer in the Toreador’s cause. Lebeaux despises what he has seen of Vidal’s reign, and while he does not harbor Savoy’s hatred of Baron Cimitiere, he does not believe the Samedi houngan is a viable alternative Prince.

Quite simply, Peter Lebeaux professes belief in law and order, no less so than he did as a mortal, but he also believes in the just application of the laws. In Vidal, Lebeaux sees only abuse of power, whereas he believes Savoy’s promises of a more enlightened rule. Lebeaux believes the Kindred require firm but fair guidance no less than the kine, and he intends to bring that about by whatever means he can. Lebeaux has not expressed desire for any true political power of his own—though this could well change in years to come, given how young the Tremere is as a vampire—only the position necessary to do his job. He already serves as Savoy’s Warden of the French Quarter and eventually intends to serve the entire city as Sheriff once the Toreador is Prince of New Orleans. That and ensuring that Savoy does become Prince are believed to be the current limits of his ambitions. How his grandsire Elsbeth von Steinhäusser, a fervent supporter of Vidal’s, feels about her grandchilde’s political affiliations is unknown.

In recent nights

Peter Lebeaux crossed paths with his old partner Louis Fontaine during the latter’s investigation into the slattern slashers. Lebeaux had also been assigned to the case by NOPD, though Fontaine soon ascertained that Clan Tremere had its own interest in the recent murders. The two detectives were at once nostalgic and bitter over days gone by, but Lebeaux was unwilling to offer substantive information to assist Fontaine’s investigation, citing there were some things he “couldn’t talk about.” Fontaine later observed camera footage depicting a presumably Kindred figure matching Lebeaux’s height and build breaking into his office, then performing a sorcerous rite to prevent his compromised phone from being eavesdropped upon.

Lebeaux interrogated Micheal Kelly after his ill-fated confrontation in the Evergreen Plantation with Cletus Lee Bggs. The Brujah eventually succumbed to repeated draughts of Savoy’s vitae, but held out for an entire five nights.

Lebeaux also recently clashed with the Gangrel Lavine, who sought to gain audience with Mother Iyazebel by delivering two kine for her use as vessels. Knowing full well the depths of the Catharite Malkavian’s depravity, Lebeaux used his authority as Warden to impound the two would-be sacrifices as restitution for Lavine’s violation of the Fifth Tradition. Scant nights later, he used his mortal authority as a police officer to arrest Lavine’s next two vessels for underage drinking. The Gangrel managed to sneak a third pair into the Ursuline Convent, but still could not evade the stubborn detective, who traced them inside. The two Kindred lashed out with their Beasts and the Tremere was soundly bested by the much older Gangrel. Nevertheless, the struggle spooked the two mortals into leaving. Thus far, the Kindred cop has succeeded (albeit with some risk to the Masquerade) in preventing Lavine from delivering any victims to sate Iyazebel’s debauched appetites.


  • Childe of Erwin Bornemann
  • Childe of Elsbeth von Steinhäusser
  • Sire unknown
  • Sire unknown
  • Childe of Etrius
  • Childe of Tremere


  • Julien Dernville (e. early 20th century, d. 2015)


  • None known

Peter Lebeaux

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