Natasha Preston

Antoine Savoy's business-minded right hand


Natasha Preston presents herself as a severe, no-nonsense sort of woman. Though she can be charming when she puts her mind to it, she is largely humorless, and never appears to consider herself “off duty.” She prefers suits in muted colors and wears her dusky blonde hair in the latest conservative fashions.

Accounts from the Crescent City

“For all her seeming business acumen, she chooses her company poorly. After all, she owes me money.”George Smith


A relative newcomer to both New Orleans and the world of the Kindred in general, Natasha Preston was a typical daughter of wealth in post-WWII New England. Her family—which dated from colonial times and never let anyone forget it—sent all their children to college, despite the fact that women’s selection of university programs in the 1960s were largely restricted. Natasha, who had a mind and fascination for business and politics, became one of the growing numbers of women to buck tradition and graduated with dual degrees in business and political science. Given her combination of skills, education and absolutely merciless and cutthroat practices, Preston had a promising career in politics ahead of her. At least, until she and her candidate of choice found themselves caught up with the sorts of “businessmen” who take rather more direct action than litigation when they believe they’ve been cheated. It was then, as the life ebbed from her, that Preston met one of her employer’s other illicit patrons—a Malkavian named Constance. First as a simple pawn, then as a ghoul, and finally as a childe, Preston served her sire as a liaison to the world of modern business and politics, something she understood far better than a vampire whose Requiem began before the nights of American democracy.

What happened in the few decades after that remains unknown, as Preston does not speak of it. Whatever happened, she left (or was dismissed from) Constance’s service, and somehow convinced Antoine Savoy to take her on in a similar capacity, despite her unfamiliarity with New Orleans and her relative youth. However she did it, it has proven a worthwhile decision on Savoy’s part. In the past few decades, Preston has immersed herself in all aspects of New Orleans society, learned many intricacies of local Kindred politics, and become one of Savoy’s most trusted political advisors and his primary eyes and ears in those territories that are still firmly controlled by Prince Vidal. For the most part, she seems to get along fairly well with her new patron, though she has berated him (or anyone who would listen) on more than one occasion about the male-dominated Kindred power structure, brought about by the fact that most Kindred leaders hail from a time when women were considered second-class citizens. It appears to be the only topic about which she is truly passionate.


  • Childe of Constance
  • Childe of William Biltmore
  • Childe of Antoine Le Fanu (u.)
  • Childe of the Plague-Bride (u.)
  • Childe of Malkav (u.)


  • None known


  • None known

d. = destroyed
u. = fate unknown

Natasha Preston

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