Micheal Kelly



Micheal is lean, dark-haired and pale-skinned with something just past a five o’clock shadow. Even when smiling, his blue eyes don’t lose any of their hardness. His usual attire consists of a gray button v-neck and a worn pair of blue jeans. Working in his bar, he can be found wearing a white dress shirt, black dress pants and a faded gray flat cap. At all times he wears a faded dog tag around his neck.


Micheal arrived on the scene in 1904 as the newly-Embraced childe of Coco Duquette. There he quietly spent the next several years under her instruction until he was released. His release was memorable to the Kindred present due to his social gaffes around Prince Vidal (something he likely only survived thanks to his sire’s influence) and stoicism during his subsequent punishment. During the Prohibition era he worked with Coco and Veronica Alsten-Pirrie to run a speakeasy/Elysium in the city. Once Prohibition ended and the Depression began the speakeasy became a legal bar which endured only thanks to its Elysium status, although that was removed near the end of the decade. In 1941 Micheal disappeared only to return at the end of WWII. It’s common knowledge that he spent those missing years over in Europe, although he refuses to talk about what exactly he was doing over there. During the failed Anarch uprising in the ‘60s, Micheal took an uninvolved stance that put him just as much on Vidal’s side to some.

For decades he operated a bar located in Mid-City called Danny’s, recently destroyed by Bobbi Jo and the White Reich Outlaw Motor Club. Micheal’s lack of retaliation against the Boggs and the release of humiliating photographs that depicted him being gang-raped by the entire gang have seriously diminished his standing among the Anarchs.


  • William Starkweather (e. 16th century)
    • Coco Duquette (e. 18th century)
      • Micheal Kelly (e. early 20th century)
      • Roderick Durant (e. early 21st century)


Childe of Coco Duquette (e. 18th century)

Childe of William Starkweather (e. 16th century) A former common law magistrate who served on the then-esteemed Star Chamber during the early Tudor era, William never fully abandoned his role as the judge who broke the power of England’s landed gentry. By the Enlightenment he came to see himself as a judge of mortal society itself. He toured continental Europe, deciding which nations had remained true to the time’s ideals and which were wanting, and freely Embraced childer whom he felt could best use immortality to effect the changes he desired in mortal society. Revolutionary France was his last great journey beyond his homeland, and Coco the last of his progeny (as well as one of the most successful). He resettled in London during the Napoleonic Wars and had managed to survive the Blitz when his grandchilde Micheal Kelly visited him during World War II. Although he lamented Micheal’s ill-educated state and the decline of his once-learned clan, he nevertheless helped arrange the younger Brujah’s passage to mainland Europe.

• Further lineage unknown. Although many elder Brujah can recite their full genealogies, the clan has never put great stock in ancestry, and Rabble Embraced in modern times actively disdain the notion.


Roderick Durant (e. early 21st century)


• None known

Micheal Kelly

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