Lidia Kendall

Ranking Dragon and valued lieutenant to Baron Cimitiere


Lidia still makes use of her apparent youth as a tool, allowing others to underestimate her knowledge, experience and determination. Unless she attends a rite or formal occasion (in which case she prefers white flowing gowns), she usually dresses the part of the flighty teen, preferring T shirts, low-cut jeans and brightly colored clips or cornrows in her black hair.

Accounts from the Crescent City
“Many say we are more than our Blood. Lidia Kendall is a fine example of that – perhaps due in part to her most auspicious sire. Treat her well, I still owe her sire much that I have not forgotten.”George Smith


Born in 1853, Lidia was the product of the rape of a young white woman by one of her uncle’s slaves. Her mother treated her as a burden and a mark of shame, and Lidia grew up with a neurotic mixture of hatred and fascination for slaves and their culture. Hers would likely have been a short and inconsequential life had the child not caught the eye of Roger Halliburton, a northern Gangrel and Archon who arrived in New Orleans after its surrender to the Union in May of 1862. A pedophile since before he was a vampire, Halliburton intended to keep Lidia as a ghoul and vessel, but when she was trampled by a maddened horse in 1869, her patron—in a paroxysm of what he thought was love—chose to Embrace her.

Despite being trapped physically at age 16, Lidia soon developed a cunning and intellect that allowed her to use her apparent age and ignorance to her advantage. Decades later, when Halliburton was destroyed by a mob of Vodouisants in retaliation for the deaths of several local children, Lidia was easily able to continue on her own. Further, the destruction of her sire, with whom she had an intense love-hate relationship (leaning toward hate) re-inflamed her fascination with local black culture.

Her fascination swiftly became reverence during her studies, and Lidia become a practicing Vodouisant and follower of the Ordo Dracul’s transcendental philosophies during the Great Depression. Further, it was through her fellow Dragons that she was first introduced to Baron Cimitiere, whom she has since followed with a zealous—perhaps fanatical—devotion. Though she is not a member of his covenant, her devout adherence to Vodoun and her usefulness to the Baron’s cause has made her perhaps his most trusted lieutenant alongside the mambo Malia Eliza Curry.


  • Childe of Roger Halliburton (d.)
  • Further lineage unknown


  • None known


  • None known

Lidia Kendall

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