A petite form that gives her an appearance far younger than her century of age. Black depths peer out from underneath a mess of tangled hair. Dark skin softened with the pallor of death. Jewelry adorned with Native American symbols falls around her neck. Her clothes are simple, a crop top with jeans or a skirt.

Essential Information

Name Lavine
Height 5’1’’
Weight 90lb
Gender Female
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Complexion Dark


Lavine was embraced by Pakalichu in 1860. Like her Sire, she had some difficulty coming to terms with her vampire nature, but eventually came to embrace it. Shortly after her release, the two had a falling out and their relationship, though polite, seems to have been strained ever since. However, Lavine was quickly taken under the wing of her grand-sire, Nathaniel Blanch, and acted as his aide while the elder was Primogen. She disappeared along with her grand-sire for several years, eventually returning to the city at the turn of the 20th century.

Upon her return, Lavine spent much of her time in the city attempting to bring together the Circle, particularly the non-Vodouisant Acolytes, to be a stronger political force. While still a practitioner of a ‘pagan’ faith, her many services to Vidal led to the Prince granting her the title of Consul on behalf of the Circle. As Consul she has made attempts to broker peace between Vidal and the Baron but with no success.


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