Karl Schrekt

Dreaded Justicar for Clan Tremere


Accounts from the Crescent City

“I didn’t have the pleasure of speaking to him while he was here. When I asked my sire to describe him, she merely said ‘No.’ "George Vernon Smith


Karl Schrekt is the current Justicar for Clan Tremere. Little is known of him by the Kindred of New Orleans save that Kriemhold von Habsburg serves as one of his Archons, and that he is even older and less merciful than that fearsome elder.

Schrekt came to the Big Easy during the midst of Hurricane Katrina. Determined to uphold the Masquerade and maintain order in the anarchic city at any cost, his Archons commandeered whatever resources they deemed necessary and executed many Kindred. It remains a matter of debate whether more upheaval was caused by the storm or the Justicar’s presence.

Thankfully, the Kindred of New Orleans believe Schrekt is unlikely to pay their city another visit. There are only seven Justicars to enforce the Inner Circle’s will throughout the world, and they do not pay house calls. These dreaded Kindred only appear in a city when all hell has broken loose, the interests of the Camarilla at large are threatened, and local authorities are unable to handle the situation by themselves. Any Prince visited by a Justicar had best have a very good explanation for why he needed someone else to come clean up his mess, or he will not long retain his position.

Like many of the Justicars, numerous rumors surround Schrekt:

  • He used to be a vampire hunter
  • He is the sire of Elsbeth von Steinhausser
  • He feeds on Lupines
  • He has has blood-bound a Setite to serve as one of his Archons
  • It is impossible to lie to him
  • His mortal enemy is Prince Gustav Breidenstein of Berlin
  • He has met Caine


  • Unknown; presumably quite close to Caine


  • None known


  • None confirmed

Karl Schrekt

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