Janine Clairmont

Spirit-sensitive librarian



Janine still looks and dresses like a secretary or a librarian from the ’50s or ’60s, down to the rhine-stone glasses, pearl necklace and auburn hair pulled back in a bun. She often wears the same clothes for weeks on end: wool cardigans, plaid skirts, and opaque tights. Kindred do not secrete body oils or have natural scents, so the practice is not as unhygienic as it is for mortals, but they do still pick up scents from their surrounding environments. Janine, consequently, smells mildly off-putting (usually like old books) to most individuals who meet her, though not revoltingly so. She speaks with a thick New York accent that some find charming, and others grating.

Janine is usually friendly and happy to chat away about any topic, though she is an awkward conversationalist and does not know when to pause and give the other speaker room to room voice their own thoughts. She often includes her spirits in conversations, translating for those who are unable to see them. Her spirits are full of advice, which is sometimes disturbingly useful, so not all Kindred dismiss her ramblings.


Janine was a young librarian recently moved to New Orleans, prone to late hours and odd habits. Her poor interpersonal skills, thick New York accent and odd ways kept her from making many friends, but Janine was never lonely. After all, the spirits kept her company, and the Milton H. Lattier Memorial Library had more than its share of spirits.

One evening Janine struck up a conversation with a late-night patron about her life and the spirits she talked to. The library was closed, but Janine was not bothered, being all-too happy to babble on about herself to the first person in New Orleans who’d taken an interest in her life. The after-hours patron was actually more interested in her death. The Malkavian Elianna was intrigued by the oblivious librarian’s ability to commune with ghosts, and Embraced her purely to see what would happen.

Nearly fifty years later, Janine still keeps her haven in the Lattier Library, which she considers to be her domain. Stories have been circulating for several decades that the building is haunted by her ghost. She often pesters Kindred who visit the library to do research, but if asked nicely she can easily arrange to let them in “after hours.”


  • Childe of Elianna Hensley (d.)
  • Childe of Harlequin
  • Childe of Clarice Barbaret (d.)
  • Sire unknown
  • Childe of Mother Iyazebel
  • Childe of the Dionysian (u.)
  • Childe of Nissiku (u.)
  • Childe of Malkav (u.)


  • None known


  • None known

d. = destroyed
u. = fate unknown

Janine Clairmont

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