George Vernon Smith

Two-faced hotelier


He is tall and hale like an old oak tree, six-foot-even in height, and around some two-hundred pounds. He’s just a touch doughy, with little to no muscle definition to his frame. Soft, light brown hair coifed into a business cut.

He adorns himself in very nice clothes, typically in the frame of business suits. He has been known to dress rather ostentatiously. Bespoke suits, wingtip shoes, and now fine leather gloves to go along with. Though when business calls at the Windsor Court, he has a fair number of fine tuxedos as well.

The most memorable thing about George is his smile. It is wide, and it is easy, and it is oh-so-very comforting. It very rarely leaves his face. Some have noted that his eyes have a surprisingly cold mien behind them, but they are usually lit up brightly by this trademarked grin.


George Smith arrived in New Orleans during the War Between the States, as it was called at the time. He didn’t end up making his permanent residence in the Crescent City until after the war ended, but while it was ongoing he was often seen coming and going from the city. Once Reconstruction began, he purchased a rather large plot of land in what would become the Central Business District, and began work on turning it into an upscale hotel for all of the carpetbaggers like himself coming to the beautiful city.

Over the years the The Windsor Court has been the seat of many beautiful events, including its yearly Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball. The Ballroom, as well as a rather fine ‘drinking establishment’ created in the basement simply called ‘“The Kindred Club” are both well-respected Elysiums. Typically they host the sorts of upper-scale affairs not seen in Sundown’s clubs.

George avails himself to all Kindred who brave the hazards of the CBD such as they are, and entertains all sorts. For a Ventrue, he is very open-minded about who he engages in business with. His motto at the Windsor is “Don’t be a jerk, and don’t start any trouble.” Those who have been found in violation of these simple rules have been known to be snubbed from further entry, and often by polite society in the city at large.

Very recently he has begun wearing gloves along with his fine attire.

Generally, George Smith is a swell fellow who will be happy to assist you with whatever troubles you. And with a smile, at that!


  • Childe of Kriemhild von Habsburg
  • Childe of Bruno von Sankt Pölten
  • Childe of Konrad von Babenberg
  • Childe of Publius Treblanus Valerianus (d.)
  • Childe of Tinia (u.)
  • Childe of Ventrue (u.)


  • None known


d. = destroyed
u. = fate unknown

George Vernon Smith

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