Emil Kane

Occult-obsessed homicide detective & ex-FBI agent


Nothing has such power to broaden the mind as the ability to investigate systematically and truly all that comes under thy observation in life.
—Marcus Aurelius


Physical Profile

Emil prides himself on his ability to project a sense of professionalism and intimidating power in his dress. Whenever Emil is on the job, he wears the same outfit: a starched white shirt, black suit, and cut to regulation haircut which is standard among the special agents of the Bureau. Emil Kane, having over a decade of experience as an agent of the FBI, maintains this aesthetic with great care. His dark, curly hair is meticulously cut short and his smooth suit fits to his body like a second skin. Emil is not a man to wear his heart out on his standard issue jacket sleeves. On the job, the only expression which manages to escape across the dark barrier of his suit and tie is an intense aura of authority which is only exacerbated by the shadowed, mahogany contours of his face. His devout professionalism would allow nothing less. Despite this tendency of his, it is clear to anyone who knows him personally that in his pursuit for professionalism, Emil has fallen into a habit of repressive stiffness. His long arms tend to stay close to his body, sometimes bent and other times not, but always set in place like a mannequin’s plastic limbs. This stiffness extends also to his voice, one of the very few things which betray the genuine passion and emotional intensity which lies at Emil’s core. As a result of this stiffness, his words, no matter how genuine, contain a certain coldness which sows seeds of doubt as to the Supervisory Special Agent’s sincerity. In addition, there’s always a little more than a hint of worry folded into Emil’s scrunched brow. Even speaking on recreational terms, his mind is occupied with the uncomfortable tension of a halfway pulled bowstring. Most folks just don’t know how to jive well with him. Though those who hear in his voice the care he has for people, those who can look past the cold stare of his brown eyes and feel the warmth of his soul, those folks know there’s more to Emil than meets the eye.

Demographical Profile

Name: Emil Lawrence Kane
Gender: Male
Race: Mixed Race
Date of Birth: September 1st 1978
Age: 38
Height: Higher than average, exaggerated by his overly thin frame
Weight: Less than average, but enough to keep him grounded
Eye Color: Dark brown
Hair Color: Jet Black
Complexion: An even toned, lightly saturated dark brown


Psychological Profile

Breaking Points

What is the worst thing Emil has ever done? It was early in Emil’s career as a Special Agent. He had solved many a mystery and swept away more than his share of the world’s filth into the hands of the judicial system. Despite his knack for quickly knocking through investigations, there was one case in which he was essentially stuck. No amount of critical thinking or investigating would give him the information he needed. To Emil, this was irritating like a fresh burn. Desperate to apply a quick balm to the issue, Emil made a deal with a gang member suspected of murdering a rival gang member. In exchange for information, Emil would let him go without booking him. While this was the key to cracking the case, it was an action which haunted him for the rest of his life. Some weeks after gaining the necessary info, the case was closed and Emil’s team was celebrating. However, Emil noticed that his good friend and fellow team member, Special Agent Rodriguez, was missing. Rodriguez was shot and killed on the way to the celebration by that same gang member, whose gang leader ordered him to do so to prove he wasn’t a snitch. Special Agent Rodriguez was survived by a grieving wife and two daughters, whom Emil could never again look in the eyes. He has acted as a lone wolf agent ever since.

What is the worst thing Emil can imagine him/herself doing? Hurting the ones he cares for in order to find out the Truth of the world. Emil knows he is capable of blindsiding himself to the damage he might cause his family when he feels he’s on the precipice of discovering something or taking a big step towards his ideal self. Just in starting his career in the FBI he’s lost the chance to raise his daughter. In addition, due to his obsession with the mystique of what hidden truths might be inside the letter his father gave to him, he lost the chance to speak to his father before he died. He can’t stand the thought of what harm he might do if he could truly peel behind the curtain of the world. He would never sacrifice his daughter, never. But maybe, just maybe. If someone had to die or get hurt in order for Emil to stare beyond this plane of existence, that might just happen. It’s horrible to say it, but which is more important? A quickly ending life or an eternal truth? Of course he would never do something like that for real though…probably.

What is the worst thing Emil can imagine someone else doing? Naturally, Emil generally abhors the things most people do: murder, rape, etc., however as an officer of the law, he can and has brought the offenders of these crimes to justice. Contrasting this, when someone is in a position of power above him, they cannot easily be brought to judgement. Therefore the worst thing Emil can imagine someone else doing is abusing ones position as a public servant for personal gain, especially when that abuse ends up hurting others. Emil regards the idea of duty highly, his father’s commitment to duty was part of the reason he idolized him so much. And so, when someone not only breaks his duty, but in breaking it hurts the people he was sworn to help, that is unforgivable.

What has Emil forgotten? During Emil’s childhood, as he was being raised in New Orleans in a spiritual household, he began to exhibit certain abnormal, even supernatural abilities. He would speak the names of people he hadn’t met, predict when water would begin to boil, and most importantly, would spontaneously think of idea, names and locations which would be key breakthroughs in his father’s criminal investigations. It seemed miraculous, and his father thought he could use it to get himself promoted and help his family. There were a few issues though, Emil would never remember speaking of these things after the fact, and even worse, Emil started falling into fugues and missing pieces of his memory. Despite knowing this, his father continued to encourage Emil’s peculiar ability in secret until one day, Emil didn’t come home from school. A search was started and it continued unsuccessfully for two days before Emil was finally found in a barn miles from the city, asleep and covered in chicken blood. This was the straw that broke Emil’s parent’s marriage. The next day, Emil left New Orleans and didn’t return until his father’s funeral, 17 years later, and then only briefly.

What is the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to Emil? One night; while searching through the dark web in his regular areas where he has researched the occult and tried various spells which never seemed to work, Emil found a ritual tutorial titled “Try Me,” and attached to it was a drawing of an owl’s head symbol, the same drawing as on his father’s letter. Out of frightened curiosity, he tried it. The next thing he knew, he woke up naked in a bathtub in a motel a mile out from his home. Three days had passed and he tasted the metallic sharpness of blood coating his mouth, someone else’s blood. Had the fugue’s of his childhood returned? Ever since, Emil has feared losing control, both of his memories and his actions.

Emil Kane

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