Chris 'Second Coming' Conifer

Ghoul front runner psychobilly and second coming of Jesus


New Orleans is the birthplace of Jazz, and therefore it is also the fatherland of Rock and roll! From there, shit got really fucked up.

Legend has it that God impregnated a virgin bayou witch with him, and when Chris was ready to come out he burnt through that unholy bitch’s snatch right onto the doorstep of The Big Easy’s foster care system. At least if you believe his autobiography

Tossed around from home to home in the city and surrounding areas, he spent most his childhood in Slidell and similar shitholes. Places like that messed a kid right up, and in true bayou-billy fashion he was shotgunning neighbours dogs and piss warm beer by the time he was 14.

Despite being scrawny, the boy was a loudest screamer than any inbred chucklefuck triple his size. The beatings it got him were legendary, and the garage bands it got him in were shit. Chris sang for every terrible punk band in the Tristate area at one point or another, everything from Sons of Slidell to The Big Easy Asshole.

Chris Conifer didn’t get the fame he has now until he came to a revelation. High as a Kite he wandered into a local attraction, a tent full of rednecks listening to a skinny spastic old holy man who let snakes bite him. No nose, no teeth, like 2 fingers on 1 hand. But as he came in the old man threw himself at Conifer’s feet, proclaiming her was the second coming of Jesus Christ. Something clicked in the fucked up teen’s head, and it all made sense! The old man was right, it was what he had been missing!

Chris was the second coming of Jesus Christ

Gathering a band of idiots who believed his bullshit, he started his own band, ‘Swamp Sacrament’. Their shtick drew local crowds, and even got them a following online! This is when other forces took notice. Brujah anarchs dug his style, raw anti-authoritarian psychobilly punk gospel, and went to visit him after one of his shows.

Chris was high as a kite again, an inbred farmer’s daughter with no ass and no chin on his lap desperate for attention from the miles away rocker. That’s when they pulled him aside, and after a few threats and promises, he drank. The high was more than anything he’d ever toked after a show before, and it made him feel like a fucking king. That’s when they shared everything with him. Vampires, Ghouls, blood magic, and their interest in his show.

All Chris heard was Hell demons were coming to Jesus to offer him their heroin blood.

After the power of the blood, and after they picked up Thomas “The Cemetary” McKael as an apostle of protection, the band went worldwide. Jesus’ second coming had come to the world, and the Anarchs of New Orleans had him under their thumb. Despite his fame and power he kept to New Orleans, and the United States. Near forced to play a show in the city at least once a month to get access to his supply. Fans took this as him sticking to his roots, and just garnered more fanatic followings.

Chris ‘The Second coming’ Conifer was at the height of his fame, and riding a wave of blood, anger, and addiction into a blessed rekindling of what it meant to believe in Jesus.


Chris 'Second Coming' Conifer

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