Caroline Malveaux

Pampered heiress turned sireless fledgling


" …perhaps there is some element of good even in the simple act of living, so long as the evils of existence do not preponderate too heavily."

“The soul that has conceived one wickedness can nurse no good thereafter.”


Physical Profile

“You’re beautiful, you know. I’m sure you do. Death becomes you.”
—René Baristheaut

Tale, pale, and striking in her poise and grace, Caroline was carved from marble to be an icon of the Malveaux family. Her aristocratic bearing, lovely angles, flawless skin, and haughty eyes, rides the edge between elegance and allure, remaining refined enough to avoid the overtly sexuality of many beautiful women—as befits a woman with her Catholic upbringing. She floats through crowds easily, commands attention effortlessly, and all but imposes her will with only her gaze. This is a woman with steel in her spine accustomed to getting her way.

Approaching her, perhaps what is most apparent is her height. At a distance, combined with her lean features, it’s easy to overlook how she stands over people. Up close, it’s startling. She towers over women and even looks down on most men – and that’s before she slides on her heels. It’s intimidating, if only mildly so, and she knows it. Uses it. Her first line of defense, to weed out those too meek to approach. Those eyes take hold next, lovely and precious emeralds, and just as cold as the stones they resemble. They’re eyes you could spend a decade staring into for all their facets, and it would not be a lost decade. There is, however, so much else to see here, if you can look past the window dressing and break free of that gaze. There’s a delicacy to her features, and yet that delicacy is a lie, a misdirection. There is no frailness here. Lithe sinuous muscles like those of a jungle cat hidden under the latest fashions. A too practiced grace in her step hidden behind strut and poise. Athleticism doesn’t cut it. It’s a mystery, that seductive question that begs to escape your lips, that you want to ask, and that draws you in. Close. Closer. Close enough to see those perfect teeth, to realize all too late that she is no docile lamb, and no matter how disarmingly she flashes that smile, how carefully her nails are done, or how perfect her platinum hair is styled, when you look closely, under it all, is a predator.

A predator dressed in the latest Southern fashions, disdaining the New York and Paris trends and instead favoring gowns and dresses in dark colors accented with diamonds and pearls. It’s elegant, it’s eye-catching. All of it expensive, all of it proper and prim, and all of it disposable. It’s all pageantry, distraction, and expectation. This woman is a queen, she’s meant to rule, and in rags or riches that remains. That pride, that demand, that presumption of superiority. Unbowed, unbent, unbroken. And unkind.

Demographical Profile

Name: Caroline Elizabeth Malveaux
Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian
Date of Birth: December 19th, 1989
Date of Embrace: September 6th, 2015
Apparent Age: 25
Real Age: 25
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 124 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Silver Blonde
Complexion: Pale

Public Record

Education: B.S. Premedical (Tulane), J.D. (Pending, Graduation April 2016, Tulane)
Extracurricular of Note: High School Fencing (State Semi-Finals, Saber, Trained by Amelia Gaillard), High School Debate (Nationals), Tulane Catholic Center, Student Bar Association, Tulane College Republicans (President, 2011-2013)
Net Worth: Unknown (Believed to be in excess of $10,000,000, plus additional family assets)
Job History: Clerk, Louisiana Supreme Court (2013-2015), Intern, Hailey, McNamara, Hall, Larmann & Papale, L.L.P. (2012-2013)
Criminal Record: None
Certifications: Concealed Carry Permit (Louisiana), CPR (American Red Cross), Driver’s License (State of Louisiana), Notary Public (Louisiana)
Religious Affiliations: Catholic Church (Practicing)
Languages: Arabic, English, French, Latin, Spanish


Public Genealogy (Kindred)

  • 3. Ventrue (e. ?, d. ?)
    • 4. Alexander (e. ?, d. ?)
      • 5. Gaius Pedius Marcellus (e. ?, d. ?)
        • 6. Dominic de Valois-Burgundy (e. ?, d. ?)
          • 7. Lothar Constantine (e. ?, d. ?)
            • 8. Robert Bastien (e. ?, d. early 20th century)
              • 9. René Baristheaut (e. late 19th century, d. 2015)
                • 10. Caroline Malveaux (b. 1989, e. 2015)


During her examination by Camilla Doriocourt, Caroline Malveaux was publicly identified as the childe of the Ventrue René Baristheaut.

Childe of René Baristheaut (e. late 19th century) Caroline’s sire, from what she has been able to discover, was the last male scion of an old Creole family whose fortunes (like many others) shrank during Reconstruction, and an excommunicated Marine Corps officer who fought in the Spanish-American War. After his Embrace, he served as a Hound under his sire (the then-Sheriff), but left New Orleans following Bastien’s Final Death. He returned nearly a century later to Embrace Caroline and was later captured and turned into the Prince before meeting his Final Death at the trial prior to her release.

Childe of Robert Bastien (e. unknown, d. early 20th century) Caroline knows little of her grandsire, save that he served as New Orleans’ previous Sheriff and met Final Death while he held the office, allegedly at the hands of hunters (who in turn had their families executed in Vidal’s wrath).

Childe of Lothar Constantine (e. unknown, d. ?) Caroline has learned nothing of her great-grandsire.

Childe of Dominic de Valois-Burgundy (e. unknown, d. ?) Caroline has learned nothing of her great-great-grandsire, though has the educational background to recognize the surname as French.

Childe of Gaius Pedius Marcellus (e. unknown, d. ?) Caroline has learned nothing of her great-great-great-grandsire, though has the educational background to recognize the name as Roman.

Childe of Alexander (e. unknown, d. ?) Caroline has learned nothing of her great-great-great-great-grandsire, though has the educational background to recognize the name as a Latinized version of the Greek Alexandros.

Childe of Ventrue (e. unknown, d. ?) Caroline has learned nothing of the Ventrue clan founder.


• None known


• None known

Genealogy (Mortal)

See: The Malveaux Family.

Caroline Malveaux

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