Caroline Malveaux

Pampered heiress turned sireless fledgling


“Around here we don’t like talk of big dreams
To stand out is a pride, a conceit
To aim high is to make waves to split seams
But that’s not what it seems like to me
Cause I wanna try, I wanna risk
And I don’t wanna walk, rather swing and miss
I’m not above apologies but I don’t ask permission
Got a lot of imperfections but I don’t count my ambition in them.”


" …perhaps there is some element of good even in the simple act of living, so long as the evils of existence do not preponderate too heavily."

“The soul that has conceived one wickedness can nurse no good thereafter.”



“You’re beautiful, you know. I’m sure you do. Death becomes you.”
René Baristheaut

Tale, pale, and striking in her poise and grace, Caroline was carved from marble to be an icon of the Malveaux family, her pale skin all the more so since her Embrace robbed her of her life. Her aristocratic bearing, lovely angles, flawless skin, and haughty eyes, rides the edge between elegance and allure, remaining refined enough to avoid the overtly sexuality of many beautiful women—as befits a woman with her conservative Catholic upbringing. She floats through crowds easily, commands attention effortlessly, and all but imposes her will with only her gaze on, beckoning neatly and banishing just as easily. This is a woman with steel in her spine accustomed to getting her way.

Approaching her, perhaps what is most apparent is her height. At a distance, combined with her lean features, it’s easy to overlook how she stands over people. Up close, it’s startling. She towers over women and even looks down on most men – and that’s before she slides on her typical four inch heels. It’s intimidating, if only mildly so, and she knows it. Uses it. Her first line of defense, to weed out those too meek to approach and to bully those she so easily looks down on. Those eyes take hold next, lovely and precious emeralds, and just as cold as the stones they resemble. While there may be light within them, there is no real life: the light is a reflection off of them rather than an a projection from within. They’re eyes you could spend a decade staring into for all their facets, and it would not be a lost decade. There is, however, so much else to see here, if you can look past the window dressing and break free of that gaze. Her hair is thick but fine, a naturally almost silver blond that is so very unusual, something she took from her mother. It hangs past her shoulders without ever seeming to get in her way until the violence starts: when she expects such things she braids it in elaborate french braids ahead of such things – she always did when fencing.

There’s a delicacy to her features, and yet that delicacy is a lie, a misdirection. There is no frailness here. Lithe sinuous muscles like those of a jungle cat are hidden under thousand dollar outfits. A too practiced grace is cloaked in her step, hidden behind strut and poise, along with something deeply unnatural. Athleticism doesn’t cut it. She never misses a step, never seems to stumble, and there’s something in each motion that is too fluid. It’s a mystery, that seductive question that begs to escape your lips, that you want to ask, and that draws you in. Close. Closer. Close enough to see those perfect teeth, to realize all too late that she is no docile lamb, and no matter how disarmingly she flashes that smile, how carefully her nails are done, or how perfect her platinum hair is styled.

When you look closely, under it all, is a predator. A hunter that devoured men and women long before the Embrace wrapped her in its predatory cloak. She set herself apart from the kine even when she walked among them. This woman is a queen, she’s meant to rule someday, and in rags or riches that remains. That pride, that demand, that presumption of superiority. Unbowed, unbent, unbroken. And unkind.


Physical Details

“…this lunch is the equivalent of a duchess talking to a peasant.”
Amelie Savard

Caroline is a predator dressed in the latest Southern fashions, disdaining the New York and Paris trends and instead favoring gowns, skirts, and dresses in dark colors accented with diamonds and pearls that echo those worn a hundred years ago in the same halls as today. In life she enjoyed bright colors, yellows, reds, creams, and whites, offset occasionally with the stark elegance of black. Since her Embrace something about black calls to her almost constantly: she’s rarely seen in anything else. Perhaps she’s preparing for a funeral, or in mourning for the death of a loved one. Perhaps it’s her own funeral or death. Maybe it’s because she died in white.

The clothing is, of course, designed to send a message. It’s elegant, it’s eye-catching, and intentionally so. All of it expensive, all of it proper and prim, and all of it disposable – she rarely wears the same outfit twice, and never at formal events. She dresses as a queen, as a duchess, because it is how she expects and is expected to dress, even in private. She’ll never let anyone forget that she is far from common, and if for the particularly unobservant the only cue is the thousand dollar dress, then so be it, no matter how uncomfortable it might be. She pairs her wardrobe with jewelry, elegant and clean, not hiding the cut of stones or the quality of the pearls she prefers for her throat and ears, or the occasionally colored stones on her fingers, emeralds mostly. Then, of course, there’s the heels. An three or four inches, that give her that extra height to tower over other women and showcase her long sculpted legs and unwavering balance.

The complete package is always tasteful, even if it does showcase her form. Tastefulness is no excuse for mannishness, or boorishness, or shame. It’s the modesty of the rich and famous, rather than that of the housewife. Never toeing past the line of decency, but always calling with the seductive and alluring possibility that draws men in like moths to a flame and evokes jealousy in women.


“Caroline Malveaux represents the quintessential female protagonist written by a male author. This walking Lifetime movie frolics about our frightening New Orleans backdrop in stilettos, twirling her bleach-blonde hair beside an ample bosom barely covered in the latest fashions. She remains unblemished by the grit of our city through moxie alone, hopelessly searching for answers but unable to formulate the questions."
“’Quelle vie misérable elle doit vivre! Ma pauvre! Ma pauvre!’
‘What a miserable life I live! Poor me! Poor me!’ Predictable…"
“Caroline is a book best judged by her cover and I suggest putting this book back on the shelf. When the curtains are called and the lights flicker on you will realize she was, after all, just a self-loathing brat with fangs.”
Adelais Seyrès

“My God. She’s as bad as I am. Maybe even worse.”
Emmett “Em” Delacroix

Demographical Profile

Name: Caroline Elizabeth Malveaux
Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian
Date of Birth: December 19th, 1989
Date of Embrace: September 6th, 2015
Apparent Age: 25
Real Age: 25
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 141 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Silver Blonde
Complexion: Pale

Public Record

Education: B.S. Premedical (Tulane), J.D. (Pending, Graduation April 2016, Tulane)
Extracurricular of Note: High School Fencing (Regional Semi-Finals, Saber, Trained with Nerea Ericson and Stephen Sauveterre), High School Debate (Nationals), Tulane Catholic Center, Student Bar Association, Tulane College Republicans (President, 2011-2013)
Net Worth: Unknown (Believed to be in excess of $10,000,000, plus additional family assets)
Job History: Clerk, Louisiana Supreme Court (2013-2015), Intern, Hailey, McNamara, Hall, Larmann & Papale, L.L.P. (2012-2013)
Criminal Record: None
Certifications: Concealed Carry Permit (Louisiana), CPR (American Red Cross), Driver’s License (State of Louisiana), Notary Public (Louisiana)
Religious Affiliations: Catholic Church (Practicing)
Languages: Arabic, English, French, Italian, Latin, Spanish


An heiress to the powerful Malveaux family, Caroline was groomed from childhood to excellence in the way that only the children of the super-rich can be. She enjoyed the finest tutors even before she attended prestigious private schools. Her evenings and weekends were filled with extracurricular studies designed to produce a perfectly balanced and refined product. At every opportunity she was exposed to new experiences, be they trips to Europe, family vacations to South America, or holidays across the country.

The results speak for themselves. She speaks at least five languages, is a practiced and capable public speaker, and has even been known to play the violin on occasion. She fenced competitively throughout high school, repeatedly certified in advanced first aid, and even (as a much beloved talking point for her pro-Second Amendment father) learned to shoot – the optics on a father-daughter range day were too good to pass up. She graduated summa cum laude from Tulane with her undergraduate degree while also pursuing a medical internship at Tulane Medical Center. Her shift to a legal focus in her graduate studies, while sudden, has been supported by internships with numerous local law firms and the Louisiana Supreme Court to round out experiences.



Full article: The Giani Building.


Audrey Morrow (Favor 3, Trust 2) Caroline keeps Audrey in luxury, if not in confidence. The onetime whore and sometime body double for the Ventrue, who is trusted to manage her ‘escort’ business (which doubles as Caroline’s herd), enjoys significant wealth and authority, but craves more, a deeper connection with her Kindred mistress that to date she has been denied. Instead Caroline entreats with her as she is, treating their relationship as a business one rather than a personal one. In truth, this dynamic is created and furthered as much by Widney and Autumn as by anyone else – both view Audrey as a potential competitor and threat for their domitor’s affections (whether or not they’ll admit it to themselves or not), and are just as happy to keep her at arms length. In particular, the relationship between Audrey and Autumn is strained by their competing dynamics: both pulled by their ‘love’ of Caroline, but Autumn’s tainted by the terrible violence she’s seen her mistress unleash and terrorized by the memory of the Ventrue’s kiss, while Audrey is haunted by Caroline’s kiss in another way entirely. Caroline is well aware of the fact that Widney and Autumn both attempt to box out Audrey, and it’s something she’s willing to tolerate for the moment as she waits to see what success Audrey is able to make on her own before inviting the otherwise untested asset into her circle. Caroline has big plans for Audrey, but the once whore needs to prove herself to the Ventrue before those plans can come to fruition. Until then, she is an investment.

Autumn Rabinowitz (Favor 2, Trust 4) The last of Caroline’s original stable of ghouls, Autumn enjoys a level of trust and influence with Caroline matched only by her personal assistant, Rebecca Widney, though she does not share the financial expert’s access to Caroline’s resources. Caroline maintains Autumn in comfort, if not luxury, but is willing to entertain specific purchases and interests for the ghoul to maintain that comfort far outside of her standard spending limits: few requests have thus far been turned aside. She cares for the ghoul and cares about her wellbeing. The relationship, as with most of Caroline’s ghoul relationships, is twisted by the imbalance of power – perhaps worse for Autumn than it is among the others. More than the others Autumn remembers what it was like to be a ghoul for the Krewe, remembers ghouldom without the bond, remembers her own life, and has seen well the violence that Caroline is capable of towards even those she cares about when the Beast takes control. She’s been fed upon by Caroline, and the experience scared her enough that she at one point even dropped out of school simply to be less appealing to the Ventrue. Despite that, and despite a level of demands that she’d never accept from the other ghouls, Caroline truly values Autumn’s inputs, and the ghoul is given a seat at the table on many major deliberations, even if she has no true vote. Her greater expertise in many Kindred and Masquerade matters makes her particularly valuable, as do her ghoul contacts relative to the others.

Brian Dunlap Fuller (Favor 3, Trust 3) In Fuller Caroline has another of the former military types that she’s come to so rely upon: straightforward, honest, and devoted. Each of the qualities has its own appeal to Caroline, and with the influence of the bond all but assuring Fuller’s loyalty, Caroline’s own trust in the former corpsman has only grown over time. He’s a fixture around her without being truly close to her, a watcher and protector that tends to voice his opinions more behind the scenes with Ms. Widney as part of setting up security procedures and protocols rather than directly voicing his opinion to Caroline. When he does speak however, Caroline listens, and all the more carefully because of his normally reserved nature around her. Unlike most of her ghouls, Fuller is largely self-sustaining, enjoying not only his own business (though it has suffered for his inattention) and a generous military pension. Much of the income he receives from her goes into buying aggressive upgrades for his own gear, her own protection, or as subsidies for those he’s recruited for her. More than anything else, Caroline feels safe around Fuller, something that cannot be oversold. She’s uncomfortable when he’s not present, or at least available, and enjoys if not his company, than at least his presence.

Diego Carlos Rivera (Favor 2, Trust 2) Caroline maintained an intentional distance from Diego, viewing the brutal, skilled, and charismatic gangbanger as a necessary rather than desirable servant. She didn’t hate him, but nor did she desire his presence, and while she did not outright ignore his inputs, nor did she heed his every warning and advice. His relative disrespect was something she tolerated only behind closed doors, and narrowly at that. She chose to see what use the gangbanger turned out to be before undertaking something as potentially damaging and time consuming as breaking him fully to her will—she viewed his spirit and relative ignorance as two of his best qualities for what she intended to use him for.

Sarah Anne Widney (Favor 4, Trust 4) The most influential of Caroline’s ghouls, Widney enjoys a level of influence with both Caroline and the Ventrue’s finances that is enviable among her peers. Trusted to do much of the behind the scenes bookkeeping for Caroline’s many sources of revenue and for handling the heiresses expenses, including the maintenance of her fellow ghouls, she has access to vast amounts of wealth, even if she does not make particular use of it for her own ends. Indeed, Widney lives a relatively spartan existence. Her wardrobe is tasteful enough, her BMW new (enough), her jewelry fine enough, but she does little beyond maintain appearances. She doesn’t seek material comforts – which is exactly why (or at least one reason) Caroline entrusts financial management to her. Their personal relationship is largely professional, but it’s depth and breadth (along with the bond pulling at Widney’s emotions) gives it a personal touch. In the aftermath of her capture of her sire, release, and eviction, Caroline desperately needed a reliable and capable handler of daytime and day to day affairs as a whole. Widney became just that, helping the Ventrue coordinate her nightly routine, ensuring matters were not dropped, hiring outside assistance as need, advising, and as a whole doing everything she could to make Caroline’s existence more manageable. She became the first face Caroline saw most nights and the last each morning. That regular contact, combined with Widney’s proficiency and lack of outward signs of influence under both the bond and vitae addiction, has made her opinion remarkably valuable to Caroline. Caroline may actually genuinely view Widney as a friend, even as the relationship is twisted by the balance of power and the perviousness of the bond and Widney’s addiction.

False Genealogy

Caroline was publicly identified as the childe of René Baristheaut, a prior hound in the service of the prince until the early 20th century. She was allegedly accidentally Embraced in the course of her notional vicious torture and murder at the hands of the former hound during 2015’s Southern Decadence festival.

• 3. Ventrue (e. ?, d. ?)
 • 4. Alexander (e. ?, d. ?)
  • 5. Gaius Pedius Marcellus (e. ?, d. ?)
   • 6. Dominic de Valois-Burgundy (e. ?, d. ?)
    • 7. Lothar Constantine (e. ?, d. ?)
     • 8. Robert Bastien (e. ?, d. early 20th century)
      • 9. René Baristheaut (e. late 19th century, d. 2015)
       • 10. Caroline Malveaux (b. 1989, e. 2015)


During her examination by Camilla Doriocourt, Caroline Malveaux was publicly identified as the childe of the Ventrue René Baristheaut.

Childe of René Baristheaut (e. late 19th century, d. 2015) Caroline’s sire, from what she has been able to discover, was the last male scion of an old Creole family whose fortunes (like many others) shrank during Reconstruction, and an excommunicated Marine Corps officer who fought in the Spanish-American War. After his Embrace, he served as a hound under his sire (the then-Sheriff), but left New Orleans following Bastien’s final death. He returned nearly a century later to Embrace Caroline and was later captured and turned into the prince before meeting his final death at the trial prior to her release.

Childe of Robert Bastien (e. unknown, d. early 20th century) Robert Bastien was a ghoul Embraced for his valor during the last of the Kindred revolts that occurred against Vidal’s rule during the War of 1815. He maintained the peace during some of the city’s most tumultuous years and trained Donovan to be the sheriff he now is. met final death while he held the office, allegedly at the hands of hunters (who in turn had their families executed in Vidal’s wrath).

Childe of Lothar Constantine (e. unknown, d. ?) Lothar Constantine was New Orleans’ first Sanctified bishop, a brilliant thinker in the mold of his sire, the founder of the Ventrue library that Father Malveaux now maintains, and a long-valued member of the Gerousia and Cabildo. Constantine met final death sacrificing himself so that Marcel Guilbeau and his mortal brother-turned-sire Jereaux had time to flee the pack of Loup-Garoux descending upon their family’s plantation.

Childe of Dominic de Valois-Burgundy (e. unknown, d. circa ~1790) Dominic de Valois-Burgundy is presumed to hail from the mortal noble house of the same name and shared an idealistic temperament with his sire. He ruled a mortal commune in France that sought, somewhat unorthodoxly, to “incorporate the best lessons of ancient Carthage” and control every aspect of their lives as an enlightened philosopher-king. He sought to eliminate crime, poverty, corruption, and all other social and economic ills from his commune, making it a “shining city upon a hill” hundreds of years before Winthrop’s sermon. He was also renowned as one of the clan’s most popular and trusted diplomats (through the Court of Many Colors) to the Brujah clan. He further distinguished himself during the Enlightenment as an orator and philosopher in Elysia throughout France, and very much considered himself the model of a then-modern enlightened despot. He has not been heard from since the French Revolution and is presumed to have met final death in that conflict.

Childe of Gaius Pedius Marcellus (e. unknown, d. circa ~1400) Gaius Pedius Marcellus was a young tribune Embraced during the Punic Wars. He was renowned as a thinker and philosopher, and his efforts to preserve the clan’s history in the aftermath of Rome’s fall likely helped Father Malveaux’s archive be as complete as it is. He was very active in his sire’s court as another patron of the Carolingian Renaissance, but grew less heard from after the Carolingian dynasty fell. His final fate is unknown, but he has not been heard from since the Anarch Revolt, and is presumed to number among that conflict’s many casualties.

Childe of Alexander (e. unknown, d. ?) Alexander is known for being the youngest of Ventrue’s childer, and some apocryphal stories claim he was the Macedonian conqueror of the same name—although these seem at odds with the belief that the Ventrue clan founder perished countless millennia ago, as well as the bust that depicts a perfect-featured youth of no more than 20 years. He was notable for being the driving Ventrue hand behind Charlemagne’s empire, a great patron of the Carolingian Renaissance, and for founding the Grand Court in Paris, one of the great centers of Kindred civilization during the Middle Ages. His praxis cemented the close relationship between the Ventrue and Toreador clans that persists to this night. He was ironically overthrown by an alliance between the succubi and his childe Geoffrey, forced into exile, and eventually met final death at the hands of Mongol Gangrel in the barely-civilized Slavic east. An ignoble end for a methuselah who is now all-but worshiped by his many French descendants.

Childe of Ventrue (e. unknown, d. ?) Ventrue is the origin of Clan Ventrue who bid his childer to rule.


• None known


• None known

Mortal Genealogy

Caroline’s great-grandfather + -Caroline’s great-grandmother
 • Carter Malveaux (b. 1923, d. 1965; age 42) + Caroline’s great-aunt
  • Carson Malveaux (b. 1952; age 63)
   • Undetailed children
  • Undetailed children
 • James Malveaux (b. 1926, d. 1991; age 65) + Camillia Malveaux (née Lawless) (b. 1929; age 86)
  • Orson Malveaux (b. 1950; age 65)
  • Matthew Malveaux (b. 1954; age 61) + Vera Malveaux (née Dyer) (b. 1957; age 58)
   • Adam Malveaux (b. 1985; age 30)
   • Savannah Malveaux (b. 1987; age 28)
   • Susan Malveaux (b. 1990; age 25)
   • Charlotte Malveaux: (b. 1992; age 23)
   • Elaine Malveaux: (b. 1994; age 21)
   • Virginia Malveaux: (b. 1996; age 19)
  • Nathaniel Malveaux (b. 1957; age 58) + Claire Malveaux (née Monroe) (b. 1958; age 57)
   • Caroline Malveaux (b. 1989, e. 2015; age 25)
   • Luke Malveaux (b. 1991; age 24)
   • Westley Malveaux (b. 1993; age 22)
   • Gabriel Malveaux (b. 1997; age 18)
 • Thomas Malveaux (b. 1933; age 82)
  • Undetailed three children
  • Other illegitimate children rumored

See: The Malveaux Family.

True Genealogy

“Your sire was not René Baristheaut, but Augusto Vidal. […] Your mortal background made you a compelling candidate for his Embrace.”
Philip Maldonato

Seneschal Maldonato privately confided to Caroline, while preparing to execute her, that she is in truth the unacknowledged childe of Prince Augusto Vidal. Many details of her Embrace remain a mystery even to her, save that she was told the truth was to remain hidden under pain of final death. The deeper details of her lineage are a mystery to her—the Prince need never explain himself to anyone among the local Ventrue, and certainly not her, the wayward childe he has spoken to only once in passing at an official event.

• 3. Ventrue (e. ?, d. ?)
 • 4. Tiamat (e. ?, d. ?)
  • Unknown sire(s) (e. ?, d. ?)
   • Augusto Vidal (e. centuries ago; 1212 purported by George Smith)
    • Emmanuel Costa (e. late 18th century, d. 1815)
    • Caroline Malveaux (b. 1989, e. 2015)

Caroline Malveaux

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