Ventrue Justicar during the Civil War


Accounts from the Crescent City

I heard his voice once, through a wall. It is much like a scratch on a record. Easily noticed, never forgotten.” – George Vernon Smith


Baylor was the Justicar for Clan Ventrue during the American Civil War. Little is known of his past, save that he was Embraced long ago and reigned as one of the Barons of Avalon (a position roughly equivalent to Prince) in England during the Middle Ages. He survived the tumultuous nights of the Anarch Revolt and served several on-and-off terms as Justicar for his clan from the 17th through 19th centuries.

He resided in New Orleans for much of the Civil War, using the city as his base of operations from which to break the power of the Southern Lords. Few Kindred were happy over his presence, although his visit resulted in considerably fewer Final Deaths than Justicar Schrekt’s in 2005, as his wrath was primarily directed at Kindred who did not reside in New Orleans. Although he accepted the surviving Southern Lords back into the Camarilla’s fold upon their defeat in 1865, his punishment—the execution of each and every one of their childer (in some cases, also their biological sons and daughters)—is still spoken of to this night. The most enduring legacy of his stay in the Crescent City was Roger Halliburton, a Gangrel Archon of his who would go on to challenge Prince Vidal’s rule.

Baylor returned to Europe at the end of the Civil War and is believed to currently reside in Oxford. Many of his American descendants have gone on to make notable names for themselves. His elder childe Michaela is the closest thing to a Prince that New York City has, and his grandchilde Sarah Anne Winder holds the position of Strategos of California. His youngest childe Eleanor Johnston serves as Ventrue Primogen and Praetor of Atlanta, as well as a sometime ally to Vidal.

Like many of the current and former Justicars, numerous rumors surround Baylor:

  • He can burn Kindred to cinders with his gaze.
  • Halliburton attempted to unseat Vidal under his orders.
  • He is responsible for the Burning of Atlanta.
  • Ulysses S. Grant was his ghoul.
  • He fought Vlad Tepes when the Tzimisce count moved to London.
  • He has forged a pact with the fae, who are beholden to him.
  • He knew Richard the Lionhearted.


  • Childe of Arika (u.)
  • Childe of Medon (d.)
  • Childe of Ventrue (u.)


  • None known


  • Charlotte Ingraham (e. unknown)
  • Dr. Joshua McCallister (e. unknown)
  • Michaela (e. unknown)
  • Eleanor Johnston (e. mid 19th century)
  • Numerous others suspected

d. = destroyed
u. = fate unknown


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