Adelais Seyrès

Golden apple with a hollow core



Adelais prides herself on flawless presentation. To that end, she is rarely seen when she doesn’t want to be. She frequents Elysium in high fashions that favor structure and form over comfort and function. She is often seen in black, white, and gray which underlines her shrewd and pedantic persona. To those within her covenant, she is an astute, fastidious pillar of the First Estate. To those without, she is an aloof, over-scrupulous testament to the convolution the Unconquered revere. To her, she is both. Some dismiss her jaded air simply as a reflection of her sire’s malaise but others whisper something more sinister festers within her that even keeps Pearl at a dubious distance.


“Darling, don’t be mad. I don’t make the rules. I just read them to those too scared to play the game.”


  • Childe of Pearl Chastain
  • Childe of Philip Vollgirre (d.)
  • Childe of Helen of Troy (u.)
  • Childe of Arikel (u.)


  • Accou Poincaré (e. early 18th century)
  • Bruno Courtet (e. late 18th century, d. 1922)
  • Barthélemy Lafon (e. early 19th century)


u. = fate unknown
d. = destroyed

Adelais Seyrès

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