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Blood and Bourbon

Master Logs Page

“You want to know how it starts? The same thrice-damned way it always starts. Somebody wants something. Bad. Bad enough to shell out clams, bullets, or blood. Maybe all three.”
—Louis Fontaine, retired NOPD detective


Story One

Alice Prelude
Clea Prelude
George Prelude
Julien Prelude
George I
• George deals with frenzying guests in his hotel and receives an invitation to visit his exiled clanmate John Harley Matheson from the enchanting young Becky Lynne.
Clea I, Julien I
• Clea and Julien compete for their sires’ favor and possession of a mysterious artifact.
Alice I
• Alice tries to answer a seemingly impossible question and investigates three hauntings.
Clea II, George II, Julien II
• Clea cuts a deal with George.
• George and Julien pay a visit to the Midnight Bayou and its proprietor Sundown.
George III
• George searches for suitable companions to Matheson in his exile, but finds not all of the candidates are what they seem.
Alice II
• Alice plans for a party, deals with a con artist, and makes a potentially lucrative new sale.
George IV
• George pays his respects to two Primogen and swallows his pride for a miserable treck through Clan Nosferatu’s sewers.
Julien III
• Julien returns to the French Quarter to tie up loose ends, only to receive a lesson in the nature of friendship from Antoine Savoy.
George V
• George smooths over a grudge with the Mafia, trades truths with an insightful Malkavian, and bears witness to another grim example of Vidal’s justice.
Alice III
• Alice attends a strained dinner.
George VI
• George receives a warning from an old flame, and deals with unforeseen trouble on the road to Matheson’s.
Julien IV
• Julien investigates rumors of hunters hunted, seeks atonement for his sins, and calls in a favor from the despicable Doc Xola to set up tentative peace talks between the Baron’s followers and the Tremere.
George VII
• George races the rising sun back to the Windsor Court, only to face a second foe he cannot so easily avoid: his own Beast.
Julien V
• Julien meets with one of the Baron’s lieutenants to negotiate a truce between their covenants, only for events to spiral far out of control.
George VIII
• George convenes a meeting of Clan Ventrue’s elders to flush out a traitor within the ranks.
Alice IV
• Alice attempts to help a restless shade pass on, makes a move on a long-held crush, and deals with an angry vampire.
George IX
• George confronts three traitors and shares a devastating secret with Antoine Savoy.


Cletus I
• Cletus deals with a trespasser on his land.

Story Two

• An accounting of what has come before.
Caroline Prelude
Lou Prelude
Micheal Prelude
Louis I
• Lou descends into the Crescent City’s seedy underbelly to find out who is murdering its prostitutes.
Caroline I
• Caroline plunges headfirst into her new existence among the Damned.
Louis II
• Lou witnesses a murder through a dead woman’s eyes, reunites with an old failure, and puts a name to a killer.
Micheal I
• Micheal rallies popular support against a cannibalistic elder and barters with Clan Nosferatu for secrets.
Caroline II
• Caroline deals with an unexpected visitor to her daytime haven.
Louis III
• Lou turns to the Holy Mother of Church for aid and attempts to pawn off an old keepsake, but gets more than he bargained for payment.
Caroline II
• Caroline navigates a tense reunion with her family and faces the Lancea et Sanctum’s judgment for her unsanctioned Embrace.
Louis IV
• Lou cases a double homicide and calls in some help.
Micheal II
• Micheal makes an impossible choice between his family and his ideals.
Louis V
• Lou teams up with a new partner.
Caroline III, Louis VI
• Caroline enlists some badly-needed help in tracking down her sire.
• Lou takes on a case that makes him question everything he’s ever done.
Caroline IV
• Caroline takes a wrong turn in a bad neighborhood.
Cletus I, Micheal III
• Micheal goes on an alligator hunt with Cletus, only to find his loyalty and conscience may be the Sangiovanni’s true quarry.
Chapter: Caroline V, Louis VII
• Caroline covers up an inconvenient sin.
• Lou offers guidance to a fledgling in need.
Caroline VI
• Caroline swears a desperate oath and meets a friendly face among the Damned.
Chapter: Louis VIII
• Lou reunites with an old friend and an old flame for aid in his coming battle.
Cletus II, Micheal IV
• Micheal attends a birthday party thrown by Cletus’ cannibalistic redneck descendants.
• Cletus shows his guest the full measure of Southern hospitality.
Caroline VII
• Caroline deals with a home invasion, learns an abject lesson in how little her pride sells for, and witlessly crosses a perilous boundary.
Chapter: Louis VIII
• Lou confronts a wrathful loa and races against time to save a stubborn mambo’s life.
Adelais I, Caroline VIII
• Adelais gives a neonate some lessons in etiquette.
• Caroline faces a Regent’s wrath.
Louis IX
• Lou recovers from his previous night’s ordeals and delivers a soul-wrenching apology.
Cletus III, Micheal V, Rocco I
• Micheal awakens from torpor to discover that he has lost far more than time at the Boggs’ hands.
• Cletus celebrates some unexpected nuptials.
• Rocco issues a warning to an intransigent Anarch.
Caroline IX
• Caroline frantically tries to stop the Masquerade from unraveling as her mortal loved ones grow too curious for their own good.
Louis IX
• Deserted by his allies and bereft of options, Lou reluctantly agrees to a meeting with the enemies of his enemies.
Rocco II
• Rocco passes on some unusual news to an elder Brujah and plays a game of cat and mouse with an intransigent Harpy.
Caroline X
• Caroline searches for kindly souls amidst a sea of predators.
Louis X
• Lou seeks out a long-dead fortune teller for counsel over his ominous new affliction.
Cletus IV, Micheal VI
• Starving, wounded and out of options, Micheal turns to a seeming friend for aid—only to set and spring a trap of his own making.
• Cletus exacts vengeance upon a treacherous guest.
Caroline XI, Lavine I, Rocco III
• Caroline acts fast to protect her loved ones from their sudden exposure to the Kindred world, but finds the price for their safety may be all-too high.
• Lavine puts in an appearance at Elysium.
• Rocco cleans up a neonate’s Masquerade breach.
Epilogue: Caroline, Cletus, Louis, Micheal
• Grimly resolved as to his prophecized fate, Lou prepares for a final confrontation with his centuries-old foes.
• A final accounting of all that has come to pass.


Adelais I
• A heartless art critic discovers her true calling.
Louis I, Rocco I
• An old man attempts to save a young boy’s soul from sin.
Adelais II
• An icy-tempered Harpy enjoys her Requiem’s spoils.
Micheal I
• Bested but not broken by his captors, Micheal holds out for as long as he can.

Story Three

• An accounting of what has come before.
Cletus I
• Cletus disciplines a wayward childe and strikes a new accord with Antoine Savoy.
Lavine I
• Lavine plumbs the centuries-old journals of Pierre d’Iberville, founder of New Orleans, to uncover an even older mystery.
Cletus II, Rocco I
• Rocco baits a trap to ensare his new foes.
• Cletus defends his domain from a dangerous intruder.
Lavine II
• Lavine runs into several unpleasant reminders of her mortal past and butts heads with a dogged cop.
Cletus II, Rocco II
• Cletus interrogates his new prisoner.
• Physically and mentally broken by torture, Rocco entertains a duplicitous offer to yet serve his Prince.
Lavine III
• Lavine journeys beyond New Orleans to seek the wisdom of Kowi Anukasha, a native spirit of her people.
Cletus III
• Cletus prepares a lavish party to host the Camarila’s diplomats, but discovers several flies in his ointment.
Lavine IV
• Lavine receives a chilling reminder why her race keeps to the cities.
Annabelle I, Louis I
• Annabelle approaches the Ventrue elder John Harley Matheson over a matter of mutual aid, only to find she has struck a devil’s bargain and must immediately pay its price.
• Lou goes against his better judgment to help out a lady in trouble.
Jacob I, Lavine V
• Lavine faces arrest by mortal authorities and assumes a grave new responsibility.
• Jacob welcomes a new addition to his ‘family’.
Cletus IV
• Reeling from a series of new disasters, Cletus shows his mortal descendants the terrible price for disobedience.
Baptiste I, Lavine VI
• Baptiste offers succor to a wounded soul.
• Lavine searches for sacrifices to placate a demanding spirit, only to make one of herself as well.
Baptiste II
• Baptiste perfects Clan Nosferatu’s underground defenses and trades secrets with his overly affectionate sire.
Cletus V, Jacob II, Lavine VII
• Seizing advantage of the conflict among the Circle’s Acolytes, Cletus puts his own pawns into play.
• Jacob gets in over his head rushing to a distressed ally’s rescue.
• Lavine turns to the despicable Doc Xola for help with a kidnapping, only to rapidly find his monstrosity too much to bear.
Baptiste III
• Baptiste offers salvation and damnation to a wayward soul and commits himself to a grave new mission.
Annabelle II, Louis II
• Annabelle plots revenge against those who have wronged her.
• Lou cases an old murder for new answers.
Cletus VI, Jacob III
• Cletus receives an early guest to his soiree.
• Jacob is called upon to provide a sorcerous consultation.
Baptiste IV
• Baptiste puts into motion a bold plan: the infiltration of Perdido House, seat of Prince Vidal’s power.
Annabelle III, Cletus VI
• Annabelle presents Cletus with an unorthodox gift.
• Cletus graciously receives his soiree’s guests and shares an enlightening carriage ride with a disembodied elder.
Annabelle V, Cletus VII, Jacob IV
• Annabelle searches for allies among the soiree’s attendees.
• Cletus plies his charms upon his guests and pits the Camarilla against Clan Sangiovanni in a game of symbolic egg paquing.
• Jacob summons a restless spirit to learn of an ominous intrusion.
Annabelle V, Cletus VIII, Jacob V
• Annabelle attempts to thwart an assassin’s attack.
• Cletus moves to conclude his prolix diplomatic deal with the Camarilla, but looming specters threaten to throw all into chaos.
• Temporarily banished from his domain, Jacob makes provisions for the care of his children and witlessly invites a monster into his home.
Chapter Epilogue
• A final accounting of all that has come to pass.


Cletus I
• Cletus looks into some unusual disturbances.
Rocco I
• Rocco is called to account by his superiors.

Story Four

• An accounting of what has come before.
Emmett I
• Em picks an ambitious new mark to con. (Fri, Sep 4th, 2015)
Caroline I, Louis I
• Caroline tempts a witless soul into damnation and repeats an awful sin.
• Lou settles for losing slowly.
Emmett II
• Concerned he’s in over his head, Em chances a meeting with a crooked cop and walks into a trap of his own devising. (Sat, Sep 5th, 2015)
Caroline II, Louis II
• Caroline attends a strained dinner with her future company in hell.
• Lou stalks a witless pawn.
Emmett III
• Em faces truth. (Date ?)
Caroline III
• Caroline clashes with a rival coterie through mortal proxies and shares a bitter drink with her mortal brother.
Emmett IV
• Em awakens from his ordeals in the hospital and faces a horrifying loss. (Mon, Sep 7th, 2015)
Caroline IV, Emmett V
• Caroline orchestrates a two-pronged attack against her foes to reclaim a kidnapped friend, but finds she may be no less a monster.
• Em remembers back to better times. (Sat, May 17th, 2014)
Emmett VI, Mouse I
• Arrested by NOPD and beset by crushing medical and legal debt, Em strikes a devil’s bargain with the Dixie Mafia. (Thurs, Sep 10th—Sun, Sep 13th, 2015)
• Mouse tries to help out a ‘friend’ in trouble. (Thurs, Sep 10th, 2015)
Caroline V
• Caroline saves a servant and loses a friend.
Mouse II
• Mouse elicits an unexpected response from the latest object of his affections.
Caroline VI
• Caroline watches a budding romance bloom full flower.
Emmett VII
• A lifetime of lies comes crashing down as Em grapples over whether to do the unthinkable: tell the truth. (Sun, Sep 13th, 2015)
Caroline VII
• Caroline clashes with slighted rivals—and the hands behind them.
Caroline VIII
• Caroline tempts a second soul into damnation.
Emmett VIII
• Em accepts his fate. (Wed, Sep 16th, 2015)
Caroline IX, Louis III
• Caroline severs another tie to her mortal past and gets drawn into a perilous game of cat and mouse with her sire.
• Lou gambles centuries of anonymity over a secret that could change everything.
Caroline X, Louis IV
• Caroline faces apprehension for her crimes.
• Lou takes a once-inconceivable risk.
Louis V
• Having exposed his centuries-hidden identity on Caroline’s behalf, Lou withdraws deep into hiding and seeks out an old teacher’s aid.
Emmett Epilogue
• A final accounting of all that has come to pass.
Caroline Epilogue
• A final accounting of all that has come to pass.


George I
• George dreams.

Story Five

• An accounting of what has come before.
Amelie I
• Sent to live in New Orleans with a distant relative, Amelie takes in her first sight of the Crescent City. (Fri, Aug 14, 2015)
George I
• George hires legal counsel for his upcoming trial.
Caroline I
• Caroline deals with a truculent prisoner.
Mouse I
• Mouse enlists dubious help to navigate New Orleans’ criminal justice system.
Amelie II
• Amelie settles in to her new home and makes an auspicious purchase. (Sat, Aug 15, 2015)
Caroline II
• Caroline deals with a long-postponed threat to her personal Masquerade.
Mouse II
• Mouse faces sentence for his inadvertent crimes.
Amelie III
• Amelie attends her first day at McGehee, the so-called “Southern belle West Point”, and sets her eye on a purportedly haunted house for a research project. (Mon, Aug 17, 2015)
Caroline III
• Caroline confronts a dangerous intruder in her haven.
Mouse III
• Mouse becomes a YouTube sensation and finds himself in dire financial straits.
Amelie IV
• Amelie strains to fit in amongst her privileged peers.
Caroline IV, Mouse IV
• Caroline punishes a wayward sinner.
• Mouse endeavors to prove his innocence before a stone-hearted audience.
Amelie V
• Amelie sets out to explore some of the Big Easy’s historic attractions and encounters her first taste of its equally notorious corruption.
Caroline V
• Caroline loses a friend and entertains a cautious offer from a powerful new patron.
Amelie VI
• Amelie receives a dire warning.
Caroline VI
• Caroline receives some sorely-needed lessons in Kindred etiquette.
Mouse V
• Less than twenty-four hours after his release from jail, Mouse witlessly lands himself in further trouble with the Big Easy’s police.
Amelie VII
• Amelie rushes to the hospital after paying for her curiosity with blood.
Caroline VII
• Caroline rediscovers a damning secret.
Mouse VI
• Mouse faces judgment and sentencing for his newest and even more inadvertent crimes.
Amelie VIII
• Amelie makes plans for an overnight stay in one of New Orleans’ most infamous haunted houses.
Caroline VIII, Louis I
• Caroline pays the price for her newfound knowledge.
• A wanted man braves now-familiar danger to aid a fledgling in need.
Caroline IX
• Caroline is called to account for her actions by Philip Maldonato, the Seneschal of New Orleans, and receives a shattering revelation.
Amelie IX
• Amelie eavesdrops upon a cruel truth.
Caroline X
• Caroline grants a faithful servant her final reward.
Amelie X, Caroline XI
• Stripped of her comforting illusions by her furious aunt, Amelie faces the Big Easy’s hidden ugliness.
• Caroline remembers better times.
Caroline XII, Cletus I, George II, Rocco I
• Caroline comes face to face with her true maker.
• Cletus makes a trip out to the big city.
• George betrays two clanmates.
• Rocco pulls some strings to acquire a new pawn.
Cletus II, George III
• Cletus hatches a plan to avenge past slights.
• George is charged with blasphemy against the Lancea et Sanctum.
Amelie XI, Caroline XIII
• Still determined to get ahead in the city, Amelie attends a privileged lunch.
• Caroline tries to cover up a minor embarrassment to her aunt’s alma mater.
George IV
• Cletus develops a newfound appreciation for the arts.
• George clashes with New Orleans’ dreaded Scourge and pledges loyalty to a new cause and patron.
Amelie XII
• Past and future converge as Amelie braves a night in the infamous LaLaurie Mansion.
Caroline XIV, George V
• Caroline presents herself before her clanmates.
• George’s garden of deceit bears fruit as Prince Vidal lays down his final verdict.
• A final accounting of all that has come to pass.

Story Six (Ongoing)

• An accounting of what has come before.

Caroline I
Caroline II
Caroline III, Rocco II
Caroline IV
Caroline V
Caroline VI
Caroline VII
Caroline VIII
Caroline IX
Caroline X

Isa Prelude
Isa I
Isa II
Isa III, Rocco I

Jon I
Jon II
Jon IV, Rocco IV
Jon V

Milo Prelude
Milo I
Milo II

Isa III, Rocco I
Caroline III, Rocco II
Rocco III
Jon IV, Rocco IV
Rocco V


I like the idea of this Master Logs page, where you can see all of the sessions at a glance. Good idea!

Master Logs Page

Thanks! As you say, it’s been really helpful for keeping track of them all.

Now I just need to update it with the two months’ of sessions we’ve since played…

Master Logs Page

Possible to read any of the individual logs?

Master Logs Page
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